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Infosheet COVID 19 - Child Protection Case management [Infographic]
Date of publication: 2020
This infosheet proposes key considerations and TIPS when implementing Case management during COVID19. You will find the key informations regarding:
[European Union] 'Worrying' increase in online child abuse, Europol says
Date of publication: 2020
On May 18, Europol’s executive director Catherine De Bolle called the attention of Members of European Parliament to the issue of child sexual online abuse due to the increased use of online applications because of the COVID-19 pa
[Western Europe] Reopening schools - how do we decide what’s best?
Date of publication: 2020
Child in the city reported that UNICEF recently published guidelines called a roadmap towards the safe opening of the schools worldwide offering practical advice to national and local authorities on how to keep pupils, students and staff safe when
[European Union] Need for Urgent Actions to Reduce the Effect of the Pandemic on Children in Alternative Care
Date of publication: 2020
On 7th April 2020, Eurochild held a remote meeting of a team working on the question of Children in Alternative Care.
[United Kingdom] Learning during the lockdown: real-time data on children's experinces during home learning
Date of publication: 2020
With UK closing the gates on 20 March 2020, children and their parents had to face the challenge of learning at home for a while.
[Bulgaria] The Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED in aid of isolated communities during the pandemic
Date of publication: 2020
The Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED has a mission to help individuals from socially isolated groups in caring for their health and in their personal and professional development.
[International] Back to school - with face masks, hand sanitisers, smaller classes and no hugs
Date of publication: 2020
Though the #StillLearningcampaing, offered tools and activities during coronavirus, one billion children were stuck at home owing to closures.
[United Kingdom] Re-imagining education in Northern Ireland
Date of publication: 2020
The National Children’s Bureau in Northern Ireland has published an article to generate critical debate on the reopening of schools after lockdown.
[Americas] With School Buildings Closed, Children's Mental Health Is Suffering
Date of publication: 2020
NPR (National Public Radio) in the US made a query concerning how children are handling Covid-19 stay-at-home measures. The results show that after weeks of lockdown, the mental health of young children appears to be suffering.


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