Support in pandemic times

[International] Is it Really a Good Idea to Close Schools to Fight the Coronavirus?
Date of publication: 2020
The coronavirus is dominating headlines and raising many questions over a proactive response towards the outbreak.
[International] COVID-19: 10 Recommendations to Plan Distance Learning Solutions
Date of publication: 2020
UNESCO has provided 10 recommendations for distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused the closure of schools. These recommendations include:
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) focus group discussion guide for communities
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: IFRC & Unicef
The purpose of this risk communication and community engagement guide is to help you run a focus group discussion (FGD) with community members to find out the perceptions, questions, suggestions and rumours within the community about the new coron
Talking With Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks [Document]
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
This fact sheet provides parents, caregivers, and teachers with strategies for helping children manage their stress during an infectious disease outbreak.
Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) [Document]
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Provides information for parents and caregivers about infectious disease outbreaks in your community. Knowing important information about the outbreak and learning how to be prepared can reduce stress and help calm likely anxieties.
The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence [Website link]
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: Department of Psychological Medicine, King’s College London, London, UK
The December, 2019 coronavirus disease outbreak has seen many countries ask people who have potentially come into contact with the infection to isolate themselves at home or in a dedicated quarantine facility.
Psychological Coping during DIsease Outbreak-
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: Hong Kong Red Cross
An easy-to-read and use guidance for people experiencing quarantine. Do's and Don'ts to keep people's mental wellbeing. The publication can be used as a handout. 
Social Stigma associated with COVID-19 - A guide to preventing and addressing social stigma [Document]
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: World Health Organization
Social stigma in the context of health is the negative association between a person or group of people who share certain characteristics and a specific disease.
[European Union] Coronavirus: Isolation advice for children's homes and special schools
Date of publication: 2020
The very first measurement have done by the governments during COVID-19 outbreak is to shift from on-site education to online and sending the pupils home as soon as possible, however not every education sector can shift to it that easily.


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