Support in pandemic times

Children with Disabilities and the Effects of COVID-19 (ISPCAN webinar)
Date of publication: 2020
In normal times, children with disabilities suffer maltreatment at a higher rate than other children and now, with the rise of COVID-19, many of the usual safeguards for these children are not functioning the way they should.
[United Kingdom] Building relationships with children when you can’t visit
Date of publication: 2020
The pandemic situation is very challenging for social workers as well. Two of Hampshire County’s social workers share their experiences working with people during the lockdown.
[United Kingdom] Chances 4 Children
Date of publication: 2020
The #Chances4Children campaign, launched by Children and Young People Now, aims to create a platform where practitioners, teams and leaders are able to share their experienc
[International] Creating the space to check in with pupils at the end of the school year
Date of publication: 2020
National Children's Bureau states that lockdown and remote learning have affected the end of term as well at schools.
[Greece] Refugee students happy to be back at school on Greek islands
Date of publication: 2020
Due to the coronavirus crisis schools were also closed in the crowded refugee camps on the Greek Aegean Islands (Kos, Leros, Samos, Lesvos and Chios) since March.
[United Kingdom] Systemic factors have driven social worker risk-taking during pandemic, study finds
Date of publication: 2020
A study on social workers' experiences during the pandemic was released this week. It was found that social workers who were part of the study, had all kept the distance when entering family homes.
Pandemic is pushing marginalised children even further from education [Video]
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: TheirWorld
"Theirworld's disability and inclusion consultant says inclusive education must be widened to include all learners regardless of background, identity and ability."
Children in Lockdown
Date of publication: 2020
Publisher: The Childhood Trust
The Childhood Trust, London's Child Poverty Charity, has published a new report on the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for children living in poverty in the UK.
[International] Danger of an Increase in Child Labor Around the World Due to the Current Global Crisis
Date of publication: 2020
The National Network for Children Bulgaria issued a reminder that 12 June was World Day Against Child Labor.
[International] Supporting a child with grief and loss during the Covid-19 pandemic
Date of publication: 2020
It's hard to support a child, who lost his/her loved one due to coronavirus. Experts from Parents Helpline share advice to help on these cases.


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