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An important part of developing child protection skills and practice is having the opportunity to reflect upon cases. This enable us to learn from sharing experiences with others, and also when discussing cases while they are ‘live’ to help generate ideas about ways in which children and families can be best helped.It is important to understand that the case discussions are intended as peer support – not as a substitute for supervision and management by the appropriate authority. The ultimate responsibility for risk assessment and decision making remains with the relevant manager / organisation.When sharing cases, participants should take care to anonymise information and not to share details of the case – such as names and specific locations – that might lead to the child or their family being identified. In addition participants agree that by participating in the case discussion they will keep any information they hear confidential in order to create a safe space for all participants to develop their knowledge.

Guidelines on case discussions are available here.

9th European Forum on the rights of the child: Coordination and cooperation in integrated child protection systems

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